Our philosophy

Patriam is a residential development company with a focus on tenant-owner apartments in Stockholm. Our philosophy is to provide unique, sustainable homes for modern, informed and aware people, who employ careful consideration when choosing their home. In a Patriam home, therefore, you can be sure that we take comprehensive responsibility for the creation of homes in which people can thrive and prosper.

Everything begins with a vision and insight into people’s needs and preferences – both now and in the future. When we find a suitable area, we create a residential environment built around people’s needs, and develop sustainable, well-considered and environmentally smart homes.

However, our responsibility does not end once the homes have become occupied and furnished. Our homes shall live and continue to develop. Therefore, we also take responsibility for the management of the building, provide support for the formation of the tenant-owner association, and offer help with styling and décor. We can even give advice for the best way to cultivate vegetables in the rooftop orangery. We do all we can to provide people with a home in which they can live, for years to come – or, as we also see it, quality of life in a modern form.

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