• Project Status: Ongoing
  • Area: Nacka Strand
  • Sales commence: Q1 2020
  • Occupancy: Q4 2020
  • Scope: 14 homes, 2-4 rooms
  • Broker: Alexander White
  • Architect: Arkitema Architects

Enjoy the tranquility – every time you come home 

Patriam Nacka Strand is being built just a few metres from the Japanese garden, with ponds, an outdoor gym and inviting places to sit. Here on the last corner plot, right above the small marina, you have the finest views of the inner archipelago. Although close to the city geographically, you’re a world away from its hustle and bustle, and can enjoy a peacefulness that few other places in Stockholm can offer. Imagine coming home to such a haven of tranquility every single day.


Industrial past meets Danish design heritage 

Historically, Nacka Strand has been home to everything from the automobile industry and IT boom to today’s innovative entrepreneurial spirit and the Stockholm Fashion District. Our style is inspired by both the neighbourhood’s dynamic industrial past, with surrounding factory buildings, and Arkitema Architects’ Danish heritage and Denmark’s rich design tradition. The source of our inspiration is evident as soon as you step into the lobby, where beautiful polished concrete floors and a spare, elegant surface finish welcome your home.

Values to appreciate today and tomorrow 

We want you to feel that you’ve found your true home when you walk into Patriam Nacka Strand. To give you that feeling, we’re following in the footsteps of design greats like Jacobsen, Mogensen, Kjærholm, Juhl and Wegner – by paying close attention to detail and craftsmanship. Everything you encounter here has been cleverly designed for the people who will be living here. At the same time, we’re building sustainably for the sake of future generations. Our philosophy is to create a building with values that you can appreciate today and for a long time to come.

A building like no other 

In a neighbourhood where traditional 1930s buildings and brick facades mix with the port’s low structures, our building stands out. We’re creating a stylish, compact and asymmetrical building in different terraced levels – adorned with wood panels.

Wood is the new black  

The honesty of wood, with its natural robustness, creates a timelessness that ages with grace and dignity. The facade of the floors above ground is covered with heat-treated and black-pigmented wood panels in combination with a rendered base floor. This creates an interesting meeting with the hilly ground and the greenery closest to the building.

The landscaping around the building consists mainly of planted perennial beds, which give way to natural vegetation in the direction of the park, with the addition of plants that encourage biological diversity. Selected supporting walls are concealed by ground cover plants and all this creates a building that blends naturally into its surroundings.

The exterior character is also created by a balcony system that encircles the building on all sides. The black steel beams and custom-made wrought-iron rails have an industrial vibe – a nod to local history and neighbouring buildings. Together with the generous windows framed in oiled wood, they enhance the feel of Danish design and craftsmanship.

Enter to Strömholm´s lovely art photography

Christer Strömholm (1918–2002) is famous for his series of intimate black-and-white portraits, often with surreal undertones. His best known works are his depictions of transsexual women in 1950s Paris. Strömholm’s work has been represented at Stockholm’s Modern Art Museum for a long time and now three of this Swedish cultural icon’s art photographs will also be on display in the lobby at Patriam Nacka Strand.

By transforming a shared space into the housing cooperative’s private gallery, we’re enhancing the feeling of coming home. Rather than a passage to hurry through, the lobby will be a space to linger and nourish your soul.

Playful angles create 14 unique homes

No two homes are the same in Patriam Nacka Strand. And none of them are boringly rectangular. In the blueprints, we’ve managed the apartments’ angles in a more playful way. By letting at least one wall run irregularly, we achieve a thrilling departure from expected patterns.


Constant contact with the sea

We’ve made it a priority to give the interior of each apartment as much sea contact as possible. All apartments are enriched with generous floor-length windows in the living room and kitchen, with a magnificent view of the sea lanes. Almost every apartment also has its own balcony or terrace, individually adapted for each home. The penthouse apartments on the two upper floors each have their own private roof terrace; several apartments have a king balcony running around the apartment in three directions; some have a traditional balcony; and the ground-floor apartment has a generous patio.

A room for sound sleep

Its water’s edge location doesn’t just bless Patriam Nacka Strand with magnificent views in daytime; it’s also positive for the quality of your sleep. Pleasant breezes waft in from the sea, bringing with them the sound of the waves. Wind and water, especially the sound of rippling water, waves and other maritime sounds, have a well-documented soothing effect.

Imagine falling asleep every night knowing that the place you live in makes you sleep better. And waking up feeling more refreshed.

The home´s natural gathering point

Every home has a beating heart: the place where we meet in the morning and gather in the evening, for short reflections, long dinners and everything in between. In Patriam Nacka Strand, this place is the open-plan living room and kitchen. We’ve created an open and inviting atmosphere in this space, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let plenty of light into the apartment and bestow breathtaking sea views.

Spending time together here is easy, especially if you enjoy cooking. The kitchen from HTH takes inspiration from its Danish heritage, where functionality shares centre stage with design. You get plenty of prep space and clever storage, and the combination of fully integrated kitchen appliances and light grey, smooth finish create a chic and calming impression. The jewel in this crown is the beautiful stone worktop in grey quartz composite, which offers an attractive and durable work surface.

Functional oasis

The bathroom is the place to pamper yourself and we want the details to enhance this experience. Recessed downlights in the ceiling provide the necessary light and the wet room’s granite tiles, Norrvange from Bricmate, in combination with white-painted walls, create a serene and inviting oasis. There’s a classic chrome faucet. In the larger apartments, you can also soak in the bath whenever you like. A perfect marriage of tranquillity and functionality.

Simpler everyday life 

You need all the pieces of your everyday life puzzle to fit. In Patriam Nacka Strand, your home is part of the solution. We’ve added a number of built-in services that make your life easier.


Smart locks 

Every apartment has a Yale Doorman digital doorlock and app. Smart locks make life safer and simpler. With a smart lock, you don’t need a key to get in, just your smartphone. This means that you can also let people – e.g. couriers or cleaners – into your home remotely at the push of a button.


Bikes for all 

Electric scooters are all well and good, but a little exercise never hurt anyone. So every apartment in Patriam Nacka Strand has a specially designed bicycle to use for commuting, Sunday rides, exercise or whenever the mood takes you.


Rent a parking space 

The local parking garage is owned by an association and the Patriam Nacka Strand housing cooperative has been assigned eight parking spaces. These parking spaces can be hired via the cooperative and you can submit an application via the estate agent.

Short route to city tempations 

The most scenic route from Nacka Strand to the city centre is via the port and the shuttle ferries that sail you to Nybrokajen in approximately 20 minutes. Could there be a better way to start your working day? In addition to the feeling of freedom that a trip on the sea brings, you can grab a coffee on board. If you prefer to stay on dry land, the nearest bus stop is just a hundred metres or so from your door, where several bus routes will take you to the city centre in under ten minutes.


A rapidly expanding district 

Patriam Nacka Strand has a wide range of service establishments, meeting places and restaurants nearby. Restaurant J with its superb location, delicious food and beautiful outdoor terrace can be found in the harbour by the ferry docks. For visitors from further afield, there’s the intimate and friendly Hotel J, with its Njuta Spa, which is well worth a wellness visit and open to non-residents.


Discover everything Nacka Strand has to offer 

Nacka Strand currently has three preschools in easy walking distance and several schools to choose from, including Nacka Strand School and the International English School. A short walk away you’ll find Savör and Birgitta’s bakery, the SATS gym, dry cleaning, tailors, dentists and a number of co-working spaces. The most convenient shopping centre, Nacka Forum, is about a ten-minute walk or three-minute drive away, and offers a wide range of shopping – ICA Maxi, Systembolaget, fashion, sports equipment, pharmacy, etc. Almost everything is close at hand in Nacka Strand.