• Project Status: On going
  • Area: Lilla Essingen
  • Sales Commence : Fall 2024
  • Occupancy: 2025
  • Broker: Skeppsholmen Sotheby´s International Realty - Anders Elbe & Christopher Steen
  • Architect: Varg Arkitekter

We see the bigger picture and then the small things become important

At Patriam, we think it is important to see the whole picture. We create sustainable homes that don’t compromise on style and function. A home for those who don’t settle, but seek the unique and exclusive. For those who live in the present, but always make long-term choices.

By looking beyond standardised solutions and familiar patterns, we develop beautiful and thoughtful homes with attractive details, both in the apartment and around the property.

We create homes with high ambitions in terms of the environment and design that give you a sustainable home over time. A home to live in and look at — even a hundred years from now.

A home for now and forever — on an island in the centre of town

On the shoreline of Lake Mälaren on the island of Lilla Essingen, we are building Vinkelhuset — an architectural landmark where every floorplan, balcony and interior detail creates a whole. A unique accommodation with only 14 apartments.

The shape and angles of the house give the apartments fantastic qualities such as optimal floor layouts and views in four directions. Here you can look out over the water towards Äppelviken, Fredhällsklipporna, Gröndal and Långholmen.

A home for a balanced everyday life

Vinkelhuset is located on the north-west side of the island with evening sun and fantastic sunsets over Lake Mälaren and the neighborhood.

This is where the Primus area emerges, a vibrant urban environment with housing; a kilometre-long beach walk; large, generous parks; playgrounds; outdoor gyms; boat clubs; beach piers; cafés; and restaurants.

Here you live close to the city centre with the qualities of island life. An accommodation that enables a balanced everyday life, with proximity to the city, relaxation and everything else you need.

Primus area — where the city meets nature

The Primus area has now developed into an attractive neighbourhood where the new areas are shaped like a fan with clear lines of sight and stretches down towards the bridges and water.

The area has large lush parks and gardens, swimming piers and beaches, a playground, outdoor gym and a long continuous walkway along the waterfront so you can walk or jog around the island. There are all the possibilities for recreation, but also restaurants, cafes and services such as shops and preschools.

If you like boating, you have great opportunities to get your own mooring as several boat clubs on the island are expanding.

Here you’ll find the perfect combination of relaxed island life with proximity to the city.

Welcome to Vinkelhuset, fourteen spacious beachfront apartments

Here, you live secluded from other houses in the area, right on the waterfront with the lapping waves of Lake Mälaren outside your door. The fourteen apartments are unusually generous in terms of space, and most have a separate rental section. Two apartments on the top of the building have their own roof terraces.

Each room has been designed with great consideration for how it will be used and inhabited. All windows are positioned to give the best view. The social areas and balconies face the water and sunset. The large bedrooms have their own section with walk-in closets and bathrooms in sequence.

Every detail has been carefully considered so that the interior design, balconies and the facade of the house harmonise. Earthy and natural materials result in a balanced and calming whole. Timeless, sustainable material choices that will feel just as right in a century’s time.


Here you’ll find pier and boat life close to the city

Bring a book and enjoy your morning coffee down on the pier. Feel the calm and look out over the water while your thoughts roam freely. If you like to move around, the over two- kilometre-long beach walk is perfect for jogging or a relaxed walk around the island. Maybe you can end it with a refreshing dip. On free days, you can paddle a kayak or take a trip on your own boat. Whatever you like to do, here you can settle down and feel at ease. Welcome home to an island in the middle of the city.

Life happens here from morning to evening

In the Vinkelhuset kitchen from Kvänum with appliances from Miele, function and design meet for the perfect kitchen life. With oak doors, limestone worktops and stylish details, we create space for everything from work meetings to family dinners.

Integrated appliances and induction hob with built-in fan make cooking easy and elegant. In this kitchen, you’ll live well all day long.

Materials that feel just as appropriate right now as they will in a century’s time.

We have put a lot of time and care into details and materials, and hope that when you move in here, you will feel it. We combine function with style and inspiration from Scandinavian design and modernist ideals. Earthy colours and natural materials create an inviting atmosphere where you can relax and feel at home.

All of the apartments have Chevron parquet flooring throughout and are furnished in timeless, durable materials.

Your own oasis on the shores of Lake Mälaren

During the summer months, you can move outside to face the sun. Then the balcony becomes that extra room where you can enjoy good dinners with family and friends, garden or just relax.

From your balconies in Vinkelhuset, you can look out over Lake Mälaren with miles of views in all directions. Here, all the balconies face the water and sunset.

Sleep well with the fresh sea breeze

The bedroom should be a comfortable and peaceful place where you can feel completely relaxed and get the rest and recovery you need. Sleep well and wake up with a lake view. We have decorated using natural materials in an earthy colour scheme that enhances the calm, harmonious feeling. There’s also plenty of storage for easier everyday life. In the larger bedrooms, we have furnished our very own section with a walk-in closet and bathroom in sequence for extra convenience.

Everyday luxury by WL Systems

WL Systems has gained an almost iconic status when it comes to storage solutions. Without compromise, they create strong and functional interior design systems for an aesthetic whole.

With roots in the Nordic design heritage and manufacturing in Småland, Whyte Lilja develops solutions as close to site-built character as you can get. In your new bedroom, the fabrics feel as good as you do.

Soft start every day

This tranquil bathroom is a great place to start your day. Every detail has been carefully selected to enhance calm and harmonious feelings, such as dimmable recessed downlights in the ceiling, floors in limestone-like granite ceramic Runö Light Grey from Bricmate and chests of drawers in walnut from Haven. A timeless chrome mixer tap and a Miele washing machine and tumble dryer add both style and convenience.

Meet our architects

In Vinkelhuset, we collaborate with architects Siri Lindberg and Ylva K Rosvall at Varg Arkitekter. Varg Arkitekter creates site-specific and distinctive architecture through a strong holistic approach, attention to detail and a well-thought-out relationship with the surroundings. Common to all projects is immersion — from the whole to the tiny details.


The solitary house with a view of the water

The house is solitary, very clear in its shape and expression. Its shape and angles give fantastic qualities to the apartments, which have a view in all four directions.

It is built in a horseshoe shape with an inner courtyard facing the water. The facade’s dominant material is light brick, which fits in with the rest of the buildings and colour scheme at Lilla Essingen. The windows are positioned to work well with the rooms inside, but also to create order and interest in the facades.