• Project status: Sold out
  • Area: Danderyd
  • Sale start: 2016
  • Occupancy: 2017
  • Size: 36 apartments, 2-5 rok, 35-140 kvm
  • Architect: Semrén & Månsson
  • Interior design: Frida Ramstedt och Semrén & Månsson

Welcome to a home for quality of life

As soon as you cross the threshold of the apartment, you will feel that you have come home. The atmosphere is both welcoming and homely. A place that you can make your own. Well-planned spaces with natural areas for entertaining and for time alone. This is a home for those who like to feel at home, and who want to live in their home for a long time to come. For the whole family. For all tastes and all lifestyles. This is why we have made it easy for you to realise your own desires. Here the rooms can be furnished in any number of ways. With high ceilings – in some apartments, up to five metres.

With room to make your own mark

We enter through the inviting high-ceilinged hallway (from a height of 2.70 to 5 metres in the split-level apartments), which provides a good overview of the rooms. Floors and walls, thresholds and skirting boards – all materials have been chosen with care to be able to cope with the demands of daily use: the comings, the goings, the collections and the drop-offs. The floors are covered with either limestone from Öland or wood of white ash. Hardy surfaces that cope with spills and walked-in slush and grit, but that are also alive with their naturally shifting hues.

Room for both the private and the social

Each apartment has its own unique details, and the layouts are optimised to be able to meet individual needs. Social spaces are open and generous, whilst the more private rooms are grouped together and create secluded zones where you can move freely without needing to pass the social areas. Each apartment has a walk-in closet as well as a separate area which is ideal for use as a library or a workspace. Spacious terraces or private outside areas blur the boundary between indoors and out.

Modern solutions for modern needs

You control lighting settings and your various appliances using an app on your smartphone. You can turn on, dim or turn off your home’s lights, wherever you are. We have also made preparations for a wireless sound system, enabling the music to reach all rooms. The opportunities are endless. There is just one difficulty: deciding exactly how you want to have it.

As beautiful in the future as it is today

Patriam Stocksund combines high-class design with sustainability. The solid character of the buildings has been naturally built into the slope. The meeting place between the two elements both provides space for vegetation and allows the free inflow of light and the colours of the natural surroundings.

There is a liveliness and playfulness to the features. The generous window openings have warm, bronze-toned frames. The spacious furnishable terraces and the balconies with overhanging roofs, providing shelter from wind and rain, create an additional room for each apartment. The robust stone façade speaks of solid volumes.

The natural slate shimmers in a grey-green nuance which comes alive with the light, changing with different weather conditions and seasons. The tiles, beautifully overlapping in a staggered pattern, give the façade an exciting shadow play. The maintenance-free materials have an inherent, classic beauty, which will not only endure but will become more beautiful with the passing of time.

Welcoming greenery in which to meet

We have also focused on the outdoor environment surrounding the buildings. Welcoming vegetation providing a year-round source of well-being is integrated into natural areas for meeting or relaxing. The area surrounding the buildings will be resplendent with plants and greenery. There we are also creating spaces for entrances, outside areas and communal lawns. The differing elevations of the property are dramatised by means of a row of terracing which complements the buildings.

Each apartment has its own outside area, terrace or spacious balcony. In addition, you will also have a large rooftop terrace which you will share with your neighbours. We have sought to achieve complete freedom of movement, and we have blurred the boundaries between indoors and out in order to increase your living experience, all year round.

An environmentally certified residence

At Patriam, we think it is important to see the whole picture. We create exclusive homes for modern, informed people. The smart and efficient choice of materials allows us to save natural resources, and our modern energy planning helps us to protect the environment. The result is a home with long-lasting values promoting a green lifestyle. This also means lower running costs and a comfortable indoor temperature both during the summer and the winter.

Patriam Stocksund has been designated as a ‘Miljöbyggnad’. This means that the project will be environmentally certified by an impartial body – the Sweden Green Building Council. Living in a certified Miljöbyggnad home provides you with many reasons to feel safe, secure and satisfied.

You can rest assured that you will receive sufficient natural daylight, a healthy acoustic environment, and a comfortable indoor temperature both during the summer and the winter. You can also be safe in the knowledge that the risk of damp or water leaks has been minimised, that the building is not susceptible to radon, that the ventilation system ensures good air quality, and that the building materials have been checked for damaging chemicals. And lastly, but by no means least, energy usage will remain even and low.

Välkommen till ditt kvarter

Stocksund i Danderyds kommun är känt för sina klassiska omgivningar med genuin kvarterskänsla. Här ligger bad, båtliv och grönska ligger nära butiker, caféer och restauranger. Här finner du stillheten och hämtar ny energi. En hubb för vila, kreativitet och samvaro bara en kort resa från staden eller en båttur från skärgården.

Från höjden ser du grönskan och de vackra, anrika villakvarteren. Från vissa av terrasserna får man en glimt av sjön. Rakt nedanför ligger Ovala parken med skulpturen Sjöjungfrun på en spegel av vatten.

En promenad bort finns Stocksundet som förbinder Lilla Värtan med Edsviken. Stranden kantas av badvikar, båthamnar och många vackra kulturbyggnader. I hamnen hittar du Stocksunds Båtklubb, Hamnkrogen och det vackra promenadstråket vid Cedergrenska parken.

I närbelägna områden kan du utforska restauranger, butiker och caféer. I Danderyds kommun finns ett stort utbud av barnomsorg och skolor som drivs som kommunala eller fristående verksamheter.


Du tar enkelt Roslagsbanan eller tunnelbanan in till stan. Roslagsbanans station Stocksund ligger några minuter bort och tar dig till östra Stockholm på sju minuter.

Närmaste tunnelbanestation är Danderyds sjukhus, bara tio minuters promenad från hemmet. Är du bilburen leder E18 och E20 dig snabbt till E4:an i valfri riktning.