It pays to invest in sustainability

Patriam’s gaze is firmly fixed on the future. This means that our sustainability thinking goes beyond transient trends and fashionable buzzwords. We focus heavily and whole-heartedly on solutions that will be in everybody’s best interests, in the long term. And we really mean this.

Patriam builds for both the present and the future. Above all else, you shall feel secure in the knowledge that your home is making life better. Every detail shall add value to our daily lives and to the world at large – not only today but also tomorrow and for many decades to come.

It is about taking responsibility

In simple terms, sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. And this is so much more than just building in an environmentally friendly manner and being energy-smart. It is about taking full responsibility for how our company affects people, society, the economy and the environment. Our construction projects shall be permeated by honesty, justice and integrity at every stage.

Three important aspects of our sustainability work

  • Environmental – We do not have a negative impact on the environment, the climate or natural resources – neither before, during nor after the construction of a property.
  • Social – We are a responsible social citizen, showing consideration to people’s health and rights, and respecting the history of the local area.
  • Financial – We create resources that provide opportunities for new ideas and innovations, as well as generating dividends for investors.

Sustainable decisions at every stage

A construction project consists of a long chain of different processes, where it is important to ensure that each and every action supports our sustainable approach.

The design and the planning of the homes are crucial to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. This concerns, for example, the choice of materials, surface planning, energy supply and the design of green spaces outside the buildings. But it is also about making it easier for people to make sensible decisions with regard to energy use, recycling, transportation and consumption. Of at least equal importance is the creation of safe and secure environments for all, with particular consideration shown to children, women and the elderly.

In the construction stage, we have to work in an equal and environmentally responsible manner – by, for example, guaranteeing a sustainable supply chain, by sorting materials for recycling at source, and by recycling building waste. We also ensure that we work with energy-efficient machinery, as well as minimising other forms of energy wastage during the construction process. In addition, our focus is always on safety and the working conditions of those who work on the construction.

In the habitation stage, we create the conditions to ensure that running costs are minimised. We also support tenant-owner associations and residents by providing advice, information and services that allow them to make informed decisions in all areas affecting sustainability.

Our sustainability programme comprises:

  • Waste management
  • Energy use
  • Transportation and travel
  • Water consumption
  • Sound materials and the minimisation of chemicals and toxins
  • Health and safety
  • Environmentally responsible development of technology
  • Green spaces and air quality
  • Equality
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Skills development and communication concerning sustainability
  • Neighbourhood development and consideration to immediate surroundings
  • Long-term approach to household finances
  • Zero tolerance of corruption

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